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Teach for Australia


Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania


Teach For Australia is a not for profit that exists to confront and challenge educational inequity head-on. We’re fighting for every child in Australia, regardless of their circumstance, to receive an education that gives them greater choice, greater agency and greater freedom to design their future with purposeful intent.

Since our launch in 2009, we’ve remained committed to challenge educational inequity and ensure a quality education is not only for a few but for all. We’re here to enact change and leave lives transformed. We know that a student’s cultural background, socioeconomic (SES) status and postcode – particularly those living in regional and remote parts of our country – influences their ability to access an education that empowers them to recognise their potential and define their own personal version of success.

To win this battle, our mission is to grow a community of impassioned individuals committed to educational equity through teaching and leading in schools across Australia. We recruit, train and support remarkable individuals, from outside of the education sector, to become teachers, whom we call Associates, to inspire their students to learn, to dream and aspire to be all that they can and want to be.

To date, we have placed over 1000 passionate individuals in teaching roles across the country through our Leadership Development Program and more recently begun working with middle school leaders as part of our Teach To Lead and Future Leaders Programs