The John & Myriam Wylie Foundation

provides financial and non-financial support.

More about us

The Foundation also aspires to provide financial support to organisations or situations where it will likely make a real difference, and invest in good causes or worthy social enterprises. To invest in well-run supporting organisations, and the supporting causes that are important to John and Myriam. And furthermore, to reinvest in the communities which have benefited both John and Myriam, as well as support causes important to external directors of the JAMW Foundation that are also supported by John and Myriam. In November 2021, the John and Myriam Wylie Foundation were announced as recipients of the Creative Partnerships Australia Philanthropy Leadership Award.

Why we exist

We believe charities do good for our community and for those in need in a powerful way.
We’re in a position to invest in community organisations, so we do.

Our history

When John sold the company CARNEGIE WYLIE and CO that he had jointly created in 2000, he and Myriam decided to invest part of the proceeds into a charitable foundation. They wanted to use the opportunity arising from the sale of the business to reinvest in the community to help improve opportunities for others. The JAMWF was created 6 May 2011.

Our philosophy

We like being effective but quiet supporters. We’re not trying to draw attention to ourselves. Our motto is, “We aim to make an impact, not a statement.” 

What we do

We generally focus on education, youth and social inclusion, the indigenous community, sport and well-being, and selected community interests such as the French-speaking community in Victoria. We prefer investments that have clear goals and a multiplier benefit.

Our funding

The John and Myriam Wylie Foundation makes grants from the capital or annual income of the foundation’s capital to DGR-registered charitable institutions that accord with the objectives of the principals.

Our expectations

We expect that the charities in which we invest will have well-defined objectives as well as a clear idea of what success looks like. While measurable goals are not everything in the not-for-profit domain, we expect they will be happy to measure and report goal achievement and impact. We expect they will be well run, with a positive culture and low overheads. We expect they will tell us the bad news as well as the good. Finally, they will consider us an investor and partner, not a passive donor or cheque book. 

The John and Myriam Wylie Foundation is privately funded by John and Myriam and presently incurs no administration costs. Its directors are Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie and John Wylie together with independent director, Roger Harley. David Birkbeck, CFO of Tanarra Group funds management, is Treasurer. Tanarra executive Anna McCann provides operational and advisory assistance.

Our Directors:

myriam boisbouvier wylie jmw foundation

Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie

Chair, Honorary Consul General for France in Victoria

John Wylie AM

Principal, Tanarra Group (funds management firm)

Roger Harley

Senior Advisor to Tanarra

Helping in grant assessment and administration:

Anna McCann

COO Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors

david birkbeck jmw foundation

David Birkbeck

Chief Financial Officer of Tanarra Group

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