Specific Community Interest

Sacred Heart Mission

Sacred Heart Mission


Melbourne, VIC


For over 30 years, Sacred Heart Mission’s Women’s House has provided care to the most chronically disadvantaged women in our community. They come to seek support, a meal, a shower, a safe place to rest and a pathway out of homelessness.

Women accessing the house may be in crisis or experiencing housing difficulties. This can be due to a range of life experiences, including family violence, poverty, sexual violence, physical and mental illness, trauma and problematic drug and alcohol use.

One of the few services of its kind in Victoria, Women’s House welcomes around 130 individuals who identify as a woman each month. Support Workers on site provide assistance for women with housing, physical and mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, family violence, financial and legal matters, and social and life skills.

The Women’s House provides care and creates a community spirit with love. It gives hope to the growing number of women in desperate situations looking for a vital safety net in our community.